Bringing buyers from the countries it exports to Antalya every year, Maximum Group brings together the leading companies of Turkey's sectors such as plastic, glass, steel, textile and souvenirs with buyers under one roof in the organizations it organizes. Every year, nearly 2000 buyers come together with nearly 500 domestic supplier companies in different organizations. It provides goods and service support to 4 main categories as "wholesale, wholesale over wholesale, local markets and national chain markets" in 18 different countries. These services are; It carries out its activities as a company that responds to all the needs of customers as well as certification, customs clearance, logistics.
Maximum Export, which stepped into the sector by relying on its business experience and knowledge, follows a successful path by determining the service understanding that constantly renews itself on the basis of success.



We got our strength from tradition and our vision from the future! Because every structure rises on a foundation. We took this architectural knowledge, which is more universal than traditional, as a cornerstone and our structure, in other words, our company; We laid the first cornerstone of BAYNET İnşaat as honesty and integrity.

Baynet İnşaat has been expanding its field of activity for 20 years with its service quality.

In the construction activities that it started in Balıkesir, it continues its works at full speed at many points today. As Baynet İnşaat, we continue to produce safe structures for our future and create value in our country with our group companies.



BYART LTD. The company is a company that designs and produces decorations for glassware with its factory located in Turkey.

Available Decor Processes:

  • Engraving
  • Pantograph Engraving
  • Gold and Platinum gilding
  • Coloring (Luster and Opaque colors)
  • All our decor production processes are carried out by computer-controlled machines. All the decors we produce are resistant to washing by hand or in the dishwasher.

The raw materials we use in the decoration process have been examined and tested by an accredited laboratory. The certificate given as a result of the test has also documented that our raw materials do not contain any heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, etc.) harmful to health. LTD



Established with many years of experience in foreign trade and marketing, Maximum Export was established to provide maximum contribution to our country and to bring Turkish products to the place they deserve abroad. Our priority is customer-oriented working principle; Value creation is responding to expectations with confidence and stability. To create and direct opportunities in the field of import and export, and to stand by our customers after sales by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

In addition to the activities to be carried out in the international kitchenware fair home textile, which we have been holding since 2008, home textile products were also included in the fair. X Fair Organization's 2nd Kitchenwares Home Textile Concept Fair will take place on 12-16 December 2021 at KAYA Plazzo / Belek, where customers from 25 different countries and 110 manufacturers will participate.